What The Experts Say

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Double Bracket: Everyone has an opinion that can be listened to; but it is the opinion of the expert that should be acted uponWhether it comes to traveling, leading a certain lifestyle or even taking care of your child there are many right and wrong ways to go about it. One thing all experts seem to agree on though is that children need love, nurturing and stability. It’s important to try and make time even with busy schedules to sit down and talk with your children and make sure they know you do love and care about them.

It’s not always going to be easy and with it will come a thousand questions that leave you second guessing if you’ve done the right thing or not. Each parent has a different method in the way they raise their child and that’s what makes us each unique as we each face different struggles and one thing might work for you while the same thing might not work for another parent. There are however, some things that experts suggest you do or recommend you don’t and we’ve prepared a special list for you.


Do’s and Don’ts


Do limit TV and screen time: While it’s no surprise that kids love to watch television, experts are saying that you allow them no more than 30 minutes to an hour each day. With an increase in obesity it’s important that they’re moving around and getting exercise.


Do avoid sweets and sugary drinks: You’ll find you can avoid more meltdowns by avoiding these two things. Not only does it improve behavior to avoid them, but you’ll keep them with happy and healthy bodies as well as teeth. Children can’t develop and function on sugar as their bodies aren’t capable of burning the excess sugar the way some adults can.


Do keep them in a rear facing car seat until they’re 2: Many parents are prone to wanting to turn their child around when they turn one, but due to safety concerns, doctors are recommending they stay in a rear facing car seat until they turn at least two years of age.


Do offer them a range of foods to choose from: You need to make sure they get a varied selection of fruits and vegetables. While children can be picky it is very important that you encourage them to try different foods and introduce a wide range of healthy nutrition into their diet.


Do encourage them to be themselves: Parents get so caught up in trying to mold their child into the perfect child or a certain person they forget to let them be themselves. Experts encourage parents to be open and honest with kids, but most of all to encourage them and support them in the choices they make. After all, when they come to you with something they’re uncertain of, it’s hard enough for them without the fear of rejection, anger, or fear that you’ll be upset with them.


Keep an open line of communication and they’ll be more likely to come to you with some of the bigger and more serious issues as well as the minor things.

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