Birth and Postpartum Expert

Rula is the mother of 3 kids; a girl and a twin boy and girl. Her birth and parenting experience with her first born in Canada led her to work on a certification as a birth and postpartum doula through DONA (Doulas of North America) international, and she has been working with pregnant and birthing women since then.

Upon relocating back to Amman in June 2010, Rula has been providing birth and parenting courses to expecting families and Breastfeeding consultations to new mothers, as well as early childhood First Aid & CPR workshops for parents and preschool caretakers.

Her medical background as a Pharmacist allows her to educate women about their birthing options and provides them with information about the medical interventions.

Since May 2011, she has been preparing and presenting a weekly pregnancy and early childhood segment as the parenting consultant for Roya TV in Jordan.

In October 2012 Rula gave birth to boy and a girl twins, her knowledge and experience helped her to have a smooth and normal delivery and supported her motherhood techniques to take the challenge of raising 3 kids.

Rula’s motherhood experience has enriched her knowledge and qualifies her further to understand women’s needs during pregnancy, birth & beyond.

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