5 Positive things to say to your children

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5 Positive things that children love to hear

There are too many negative things in the news, too much criticism at work and perhaps not enough positive talk in families… Here are a few positive phrases that we at Baby-Arabia would love to hear you say to your children every-day.

1. “I love you.”

This is top of the list for a reason, we don’t always have to like what our children do, but we must always love them. Children feel safe knowing that you love them and you need to show both show them and tell them that you love them. Make sure that they know, with certainty, that no matter what decisions they make, you will never stop loving them.

2. “You make me very happy.”

Children are an inexhaustible source of happiness and love. It is so important that they know this! Tell them today and every day!

3. “You are very special.”

It is extremely important that children know that they are different, unique, and special. We all need to know that we are needed and that no one else could take our place. So how important it is to tell your children this.

4. “I like it when you…”

One of the most important motivators in any child’s life is making mom and dad happy.Take the time to point out any positive aspect about their behavior, character, kindness, talents, funny ideas or school performance and you will see it repeated over and over again!

5. “I believe in you/I trust you”

Our children will grow up feeling secure if they know that we trust and believe in them. How can we expect them to have confidence in themselves unless we first have confidence in them?  Tell them this often and they will become people that everyone will believe in and trust.

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