Dubai Autism Center (DAC) is a non-profit organization founded in November 2001 with the issuance of a decree from H.H. Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.. At the initial stages, DAC operated as a consultancy office to assist families and spread awareness about autism. In January 2003 DAC started operating as an intervention center from a small villa and later moved to a bigger villa that caters for 53 students. Currently the center is building a purpose built premises that is fully equipped with the latest equipment and technology that enhances the intervention programs. The new premises will be able to accommodate 204 students with special classrooms dedicated for early intervention.

The center specializes in Autism and focuses all its efforts on four main areas; assessment and diagnosis, providing comprehensive intervention programs for children with autism that include: speech, OT and creative therapies as well as educational program that is tailored to each child’s need and ability. A special emphasis is on providing family support and professional training as well as spreading awareness in the community.

DAC has many community contributions such as publishing books to support families and professionals, providing a specialized library, organizing conferences and training programs to develop parents and professionals’ skills as well as providing consultancy services.

As part of DAC efforts to spread awareness about autism, the center has very active social media presence with regular updates of Informative and educational articles as well as the center’s activities. We do encourage the public to join our social media network to help us spread knowledge and awareness about autism as well as to promote acceptance of individuals affected by it.

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