7 best toys for keeping kids happy!

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7 best toys for keeping kids happy!

Does your child have a full toy box but only play with a select few?  Toys that only do a small, limited number of things often get tossed aside.  They are fun for awhile but pretty soon they become too predictable.   The best toys are those that require imagination and can be used in a variety of ways.  

Here are 7 toys that are good for keeping your child’s attention.

  1.  Blocks– Blocks are a staple for kids and they never seem to outgrow them.  They are one of the simplest types of toys around, yet their possibilities are limited only by the child’s imagination.  Younger children can also use them for such learning activities as counting games and experimenting with basic addition and subtraction.  Blocks provide numerous learning opportunities and keep kids busy.
  2. Dolls and Stuffed Animals– Children love to pretend that their dolls, action figures and stuffed animals are real people or animals.  This can provide them with hours of entertainment.  They may even play with two or more at a time, making different voices for each one.  That’s not only fun for them, it’s fun for you to watch too.
  3. Play-Doh– You probably played with Play-Doh when you were a kid.  Chances are that if you did, you have fond memories of it.  Similar to blocks, Play-Doh allows children to make anything they can imagine.  The factories and tool sets you can buy to go with it are nice but they are not a necessity.play doh
  4. Art Supplies– Budding Picassos can spend hours making new masterpieces.  Art is a great way to keep kids occupied because it fosters creativity and self-esteem.  And you get the added bonus of new refrigerator decorations.
  5. Musical Instruments– Most children love music.  The only thing better than listening to it is making it themselves.  If real musical instruments are not an option, there are toy drum sets, xylophones, kazoos and more that kids can play with.  They could even get other kids together and form a band.
  6. Dress-up Clothes– Playing dress-up lets kids put together outfits and pretend to be anyone or anything.  You don’t have to buy a dress-up set.  Just get out all of the old clothes you can find and let their imaginations run free!
  7. Balls – Balls not only keep a child busy, they also encourage physical activity.  There are numerous ways that children can play with them, so they never get boring.

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