The Developing Child Centre (TDCC) was founded by Dalya Tabari and Nof Al Mazrui.
TDCC opened its doors in April 2013, with a commitment to empower ALL children by building and developing their confidence.

Most people are not aware that 95% of children require some kind of educational, academic, behavioral or developmental support to help ensure they are meeting age appropriate milestones. When these milestones are NOT met, children can sometimes feel isolated and lose their natural confidence.

OUR AIM AT TDCC is to EMPOWER and unlock the potential of all children by advancing their learning and development through building skills and overcoming challenge, hoping to shed the taboos associated with getting support.

Our approach is simple. We believe that every child is brilliant and the extensive services we provide nurture and build children’s confidence and abilities.
We work closely with children, parents and schools helping ensure that no child is left behind not only within the educational system but also within society at large.

We are proud to be working in close association with international expert partners that help provide continuous professional development for all our staff as well as access to the latest and most up to date strategies that help empower ALL our children.

TDCC is a social business, the net profit is gifted by the founders into THE HIBAH FUND; a fund that acts as a financial grant service for families who require financial aid to help subsidize the cost of evaluations, therapies and support.

We are proud to announce that we currently support MORE THAN 800 families of 40 nationalities – 10% of whom receive assistance from the Hibah Fund.

The Developing Child Centre provides 46,989 of empowering hours per year.
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