5 Tips and ideas for getting your child off their screens

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The screen: a baby sitter or bad habit?

Screens are often used as a best baby sitter. Sometimes a little time spent playing a game can be a great way to keep your children entertained and it can also be a rich learning environment.

However screens are sometimes too convenient and can lead to problems in child development, even screen addiction!

If screens replace the essential social and play time a child needs, then there can be a problem. So then, Baby-Arabia is here to remind you of those child friendly, ever so necessary activities.

1.    Building bricks

Building bricks are one of the best toys ever created. Boys and girls love to create and make things. While they do this they are using cognitive powers to plan and construct or just having fun in their imaginations, soaring through the sky in an airplane, or diving to the depths of the ocean.


2.    Painting and drawing

A simple piece of paper and a set of poster paints can be messy, so make sure you put something down to contain the color! Painting and drawing are activities that all kids enjoy. Let them experiment and praise them for the portrait of you that they take so much care and time over. It looks nothing like you but to them it is a work of art and make sure you tell them so!

3.    Cooking

Both boys and girls love to cook. Let them help you make a cake or bake some bread. Then when it is time to eat remind them of how clever they were in helping you to make it and just how delicious their gourmet creation is!

4.    Jobs around the house

To adults, nothing could be more tedious than cleaning up: but to children this can be an exciting, fun game. It helps foster a sense of responsibility and makes them feel part of a team. You might dislike vacuuming but a toddler will have immense fun pulling or pushing the suction hose around your house. In their minds they are driving a train or the vacuum is giant monster!

5.    Going out for a walk

If this sounds mundane or boring, you couldn’t be more wrong. When you are 3 a trip round the park is an adventure. Go to the shops, look at the birds and the blue sky. Let them see every-day people going about their business. Just get out and let your children experience the wonderful world they live in!





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