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Lara is a self- made wellness practitioner from Lebanon who has made it to Hollywood and rubbed shoulders with royalty. Lara pursued her degree in English literature before moving to London in 2000. Her career started as a personal trainer then she soon started training with Pilates Foundation UK, followed by studies in the authentic Pilates method in New York and Los Angeles. Ten years of extensive training and international work experience later lead Lara to land great opportunities working with celebrities like Sting and training royals across the globe.

Lara’s background comes from extensive years of studying Pilates in depth, Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis, Garuda and Booty Barre.

After years of teaching and studying various forms of movement and exercise, Lara created her signature method ‘body by Lara’ which brings in cardio interval training to movement based exercise methods such as Pilates, Garuda, Gyrotonic, Barre and Plyometrics. She has also added her own input to various barre methods she trained in and created the Barre Body (spring series) which is a highly effective workout.

Barre body brings in the Pilates Springs to the regular barre workout. The results are long, lean and sculpted figure. She has recently trained in face yoga which is an anti-ageing exercise method to train the face muscles and reduce signs of ageing.

Lara’s work has been recognised globally for a few years now. Major TV networks and publications have repeatedly invited her for interviews to discuss her work and her scientific approach to the body. She has studied the body physiologically and through various forms of exercise, including pilates, garuda, barre and kinesis, rehabilitation techniques and dance based training. Her aim is to educate and help people make the most out of their body, and to inspire others to be positive, healthy and fit.

Baby Arabia is proud to be associated with Lara Hassan, who will be a regular contributor as a mind, body and fitness expert.

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