What martial art is best for kids to learn?

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The good things about Martial Arts training for children

I have been training and teaching Martial Arts and Boxing for 30 years and I have met a lot of people along the way.

There is no doubt that the earlier children start learning these skills, the better they get. So if you want an Olympic medal at home for Karate, Tae-Kwando or Judo, then start your children early!

Martial Arts training is not just about learning to fight. In fact, for a lot of martial artists that’s the last reason to train. Fitness, balance, mental clarity, security and a whole lot of fun can be taken from these classes. But perhaps the best thing Martial Arts can bring us is a method of self-discovery. Taking on challenges, training through the good times and the bad, pushing through adversity: these things really teach us about ourselves.

Which Martial Art is best for small children?

So which Martial Art would I recommend for young children? I’m talking about 6 years old.

Well there is one Martial Art that’s very suitable and practical in self-defense for little kids and it’s called Judo. Literally meaning – “Gentle Way” – in Japanese.

Unlike other arts like Karate, MMA, Boxing or Tae Kwando, Judo relies on throwing and wrestling techniques that are unlikely to seriously hurt anyone, but are incredibly important part of self defense.

Your child can use these to escape and run away if attacked or restrain if unable to run.

If one of your friends doesn’t believe this, get them to look at where Brazilian Ju-jitsu came from. It’s a direct descendent of Judo and one of the most important ingredients in MMA today.

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