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Double Bracket: The first five years have so much to do with how the next eighty turn out.Children need enriching experiences right from early childhood that shape them into independent, educated and aware adults. The lifestyle parents create and surround a child with for habits which become second nature. Discipline, Cleanliness, routine and organization are some of the key factors that must define the lifestyle of a child.

Lifestyle encompasses various choices and decisions that a child makes about their life. Hobbies, interest and daily routines are all part of one’s lifestyle. Children need to be given the opportunity to explore all possible activities and interests and then choose the one’s that most interest them. Fun and games play an important role in shaping the child and the activities one spends time on make for a healthy lifestyle, if chosen correctly.

Children who spend hours in front of the television and playing video games are an example of those living an unhealthy lifestyle. It does not stimulate the mind in a healthy way and involves no physical work – both very important for children. Children who read books, play sports, watch television but sparingly and invest time in crafts or other hobbies like dance and music are the ones leading a healthy lifestyle. No child can do everything, and none can be an expert at all – forcing your kids into activities that do not interest them is not recommended. Let children explore all possibilities and then encourage them to take up the ones that truly interest them.

Another important aspect that is essential to sound growth of a child is travelling. Travelling to new places, cities or countries opens their horizon and gives them a peak into different cultures, food, traditions and way of life. Travel is probably the best way to teach people to be understanding of differences amongst people and unique lifestyles. Every place has its own unique essence and children must be encouraged to explore these differences. Lifestyle and travel go hand in hand because the more children travel the more will they understand different lifestyles and shape their own.

As parents it is important for us to give our children an enriching environment. We need to present all possibilities and then encourage to our children to make decisions and choices that will stick with them for life. When travelling it is important to highlight differences and present them in a healthy way rather than make one look better than the other! No child is born with discriminating ideas about people and their choices, parents need to support this thinking all through life! 

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