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Double Bracket: 95% of what a child learns is through experience… that experience then needs direction.The importance of sound education in the wholesome growth of a child is unmatched. Education does not only mean schooling, but in fact education is a process that starts right at birth. New learnings, morals, principles, behavior, attitude, thinking, perspectives … everything is based on one’s education. Parents are the first and most significant educators of a child. Education is a lifetime journey that each child embarks on to reach the goals and destinations in life!

A child is like a sponge that keeps soaking up his or her environment. The good, the bad, the positives and negatives of the environment all get equally soaked in. There are no filters for that in the mind! It is only education that creates these filters that distinguish between the good and the bad; the positive and the negative. Early childhood is a very sensitive and crucial stage in terms of education as it forms the very foundation for lifetime learning.

Children at this age are very receptive and can grasp many new things at the same time. They are capable of using imagination, understanding and thinking right from early childhood, but only if the right environment is provided. Until a child begins going to nursery or kindergarten, parents are the only educators, then coms in baby sitters, friends, teachers, caregiver and a whole bunch of influential educators!

Speech development is probably the first stage in education. Although before speech develops children can express through actions and expressions and use body language to point at things and familiarize with their surroundings. Play time is very important in the earlier years for complete education. Many skills and lessons can be learnt through play and within a circle of other children of the same age. Lessons in social skills like teamwork, sharing and turn taking are best learnt through play activities. Physical activities are important for education too. It is important for children to understand the need to be physically active right from a young age.

Education is a lifetime process; the child’s life and future rely on sound education. As a parent you need to be actively involved in the process of education all through childhood and beyond. Children who have supportive and encouraging parents always show more interest and have heightened learning capacities. Every activity that a child indulges in can be a great learning tool. It is important to be a constant guide and support for the child! 

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