Dressing Your Child is Fun

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One of the most fun parts of having kids is being able to dress them in adorable clothing. We live vicariously through our children when it comes to fashion, and most of us want to take that extra step in dressing them. Below, we’ve curated a few tips and tricks to dressing your baby and toddlers.

1. Easy to remove

Babies use their diapers and sometimes our toddlers wet their pants, as potty training is a new concept. It’s important to choose clothes that are not only easy access for cleanup and removal, but also colors that don’t stain extremely easy. Buttons that are colorful and add function will allow your child to look great and will allow you access to change them in case of a nightmarish accident.

2. Prints everyone can love

We may pick out a dress or pair of pants that WE think is a fun print, but if your toddler doesn’t care for the print, they may not cooperate in putting said article of clothing on. If a child gets excited about a print, make sure to incorporate it in their outfit. While giving total creative freedom may not be your choice, allow them to enjoy dressing themselves should be encouraged. Speaking of, solid and bright colors are also a great way to create a happy child. Believe it or not, dark clothes can really dampen the mood of your child, whether they realize it or not.

3. Comfort in sizing!

Sometimes our babies or toddlers fit in one size, but not in other, depending on the brand. It’s important to let your child wear the correct fit, as it can be miserable for them to be uncomfortable and miserable for you when it comes time to change a diaper. Active kids always need the proper fit as chafing is bad and clothes slipping off shouldn’t happen in public! When it comes wintertime, the perfect winter coat fit is also extremely important.

4. Never over-accessorize.

While lots of necklaces and bracelets may be awesome looking on your child’s ensemble, these can be an actual nightmare. Small parts, dangling pieces and expensive jewelry can all end up down the drain or chewed on by said children. They are not the safest and they are not the most fun to go searching for after a long day at the park. One or two pieces that fit well are fine, but it’s important to not go overboard.

5. Safe for the day planned

If you’re extremely cautious of your child scraping their knees, it’s best not to put them in sandals with shorts. Sandals can make them trip and exposed knees will become scratched. Dress them properly for the occasion, but don’t go overboard with controlling it. While children will get scratched, bundling them up in the summer is not the safest or most comfortable.

Dressing your child should be fun, but there are a few things to think about before putting an outfit on them. In the end, they should be comfortable, you should be able to access diapers easier and they should look age appropriate. 

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