7 healthy snacks to put in your child’s lunch box

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Advertisers are well aware of “pester power” and use it to pressure parents into stuffing their children’s lunch boxes with chocolate, chips and colorfully packaged biscuits.

Baby-Arabia has some healthy alternatives for school trips, days out or just the every-day lunch box.

  1. Fresh fruit – bananas are always a good and easily handled alternative to chocolate or chips. Oranges, apples and any other fruits are just as good, being vitamin rich and easily handled
  2. Carrot sticks – these are great when cut into long strips and dipped into a yoghurt and mint dip.. yum!
  3. Peppers – fresh peppers make another easy to eat dip-able treat that kids love to handle.
  4. Nuts – walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts: nuts of all sizes and shapes are healthy and good for teeth. Pack them in little Tupperware containers so your kids can much without too much mess!
  5. Sultanas – any of the dried grape fruits such as raisons or currents make a great sweet alternative to chocolate or biscuits
  6. Humus – with masses of goodness and healthy food macros humus is an easy way to fill your kids with nutrition. Try adding raisons or nuts or other vegetables to give it some extra crunch!

Flap jack – try making these oat based treats if your children insist on extra sugar.. They at least provide plenty of roughage and being home-made are additive free.  Follow this link for a flap jack recipe.

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