Top Pregnancy Fears (and why you shouldn’t worry) – Eating the wrong thing

Top pregnancy fears - eating the wrong thing
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Pregnancy can be a time of worry and anxiety which is natural. Here at Baby Arabia we look at the top fears experienced by women in pregnancy and why you shouldn’t worry. This article looks at a common fear for many women that they will eat or drink something during pregnancy that might harm their baby.

What if I eat the wrong thing and harm my baby?

Firstly, relax! There is a lot of pressure to do the right thing during pregnancy and a big topic is what you can and can’t eat which is understandably stressful. You may worry about what you ate before you realized you were pregnant. You really need not worry. There are things that are associated with risk like eating unpasteurized cheese or too much liver, and so it makes sense to avoid this once you know you are pregnant. The risks however are probably very small but as an expectant mother of course you will avoid any risk to your unborn child. However, if you ate some unpasteurized cheese or deli-meats before you knew you were pregnant don’t forget that thousands of pregnant women do this and everything was absolutely fine.

I think I ate something I shouldn’t have – what should I do now?

If you are very concerned that you ate something that could harm your baby or feel unwell after eating something then it is a good idea to consult your doctor who can probably reassure you that all is fine. However if there are no signs of any problems it is best just to put it behind you and remind yourself of the things to avoid in pregnancy which you can read about here.





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