Worst 7 foods during Pregnancy

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What worries the pregnant mother the most is her health as well as her unborn baby’s. Because the mother’s nutrition is essential for the baby’s growth and health and for keeping the mother healthy, here is a list of the worst and most dangerous foods that you should avoid during pregnancy so you and your baby can stay as healthy as possible.

1- Unpasteurized dairy products
Pregnant women need 3-4 portions of milk and dairy products daily, because dairy contains calcium, protein, and vitamin D, which are important for the development for to build the bones and teeth of the baby as well as the growth of the heart and nerves.
When choosing dairy products stay away from raw and unpasteurized kinds, because they might contain “listeria”, which can cause miscarriage.
You should read the information label on the product and make sure it has been pasteurized. Be careful, some kinds of fresh cheese and cream, such as unpasteurized feta, might be dangerous.

2- Processed meat
Such as sausage, mortadella, luncheon and salami.
These products are risky for pregnant women for the possibility of containing “listeria”, which is the only bacteria that thrives in cold temperatures.

3- Salads and fresh vegetables prepared outside your home
Pregnant women cannot make sure that fresh vegetables are cleaned and sterilized properly at restaurants, they can also be left outside the refrigerator for more than two hours at an inappropriate temperature, which could put the pregnant woman at risk of having food contaminated with bacteria.

4- Undercooked meat, fish, and eggs.
Half-cooked meat as well as raw fish and sushi, should be completely avoided, in addition to undercooked meat. That’s because undercooked food may contain salmonella and toxoplasma parasites which could severely harm the unborn baby.
Meats should be cooked at a temperature no lower than 145 degrees and no lower than 165 when reheated.
It is also recommended to avoid any products that contain uncooked eggs, such as mayonnaise and sauces that contain eggs.

5- Coffee and caffeinated drinks
Caffeine is a substance that crosses the placenta of the baby. So it is recommended not to have more than 200 mg of caffeine a day.

6- Liver
Liver and its products are rich in vitamin A.
Consuming a large quantity of vitamin A, especially in the first months of pregnancy, is associated with birth defects in the fetus.
On the other hand, vitamin A in fruit and vegetables poses no risk to pregnant women.

7- Mercury-rich fish
Such as shark, bluefin tuna, swordfish, tilefish.
Mercury accumulates with time, and because these kinds of fish live for long they contain higher levels of mercury.
Mercury might affect the brain of the baby, as well as hearing and sight. Therefore it is recommended to avoid such kinds of fish.

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