Too much screen time: part 1

child up late with screen
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Too much screen time is bad for your child

Why screen time can be a bad thing

We all know that we can have “too much” of anything.  Food, drink, exercise, sleep: all these are necessary and good for us unless we have too much.

So it should come as no surprise that using computers, smart phones and tablets can be bad for us. This is especially true with children under 10.

Screen use and child brain development

Studies show that parents who think they are going to produce “computer whizz kids” by letting their children use screens all the time are actually harming them. Children need social interaction and “hands on” experience for their brains to develop properly.

Screen use and obesity

Along with the direct harm the over-use of screens can cause, we must also bear in mind that when children are sitting down all the time on their screens they are not running around and getting healthy. So screen use is also linked to obesity and other health problems.

Social development

If a child is alone playing a game on a phone or console they are not playing and interacting. Studies also show that vital social skills such as eye contact and learning to “play fair” are also effected by over-use of gadgets

Balance your screen time and consider your child’s

Children copy their parents – a lot.  So if you provide a good role model your child is more likely to follow suit. Try not to check your phone all the time and try to spend real time with your children. You will find that as you spend more time interacting with them, that they will naturally spend less time with their screens.

In the next article we will provide some tips and ideas on getting your children out to play!


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