Can we make our kid’s lives too easy?

Making life too easy
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Rob Charteris RMN, BSc Hons, CBT Practitioner

What if you had a magic lamp?

Have you ever noticed that making life easier sometimes causes problems?

Here’s some examples..

You have a car so you don’t have to walk and because you don’t walk it’s easier to get fat.

You have a calculator to do math so you forget all the arithmetic you learned at school.

You have TVs, tablets, smart phones but you are bored.

Just imagine if all your problems went away without any effort and whatever you wanted just appeared whenever you wished for it. It sounds like it would be amazing, but in reality it would be unbearable.

Many ancient stories point this out such as the story of King Midas and his golden touch.

The truth is that humans need a certain level of stress and hardship to grow, develop and reach their full potential and we should bear this in mind with our children.

Watch out for the following:-

Lack of exercise.

This is an obvioyus one. Our kids travel a lot in cars and don’t walk or play as much as older generations. Make sure your children get exercise by getting them outdoors or to the local leisure centre.

Over use of technology

Kids spend too much time on smart phones and other screens. This has obvious effects on their physical health but also can affect their ability to socialize and make friends. Make sure your children interact with other kids and play games face to face.


Too much hygiene

You might not be aware but too much use of antibacterial soaps and cleaning products destroys too many germs. Your children need a certain amount of dirt to activate and strengthen their immune systems. Don’t be dirty, but let your kids play outside and get a little dirt on their hands now and again.

Watching TV or using the internet

Entertainment should not be completely passive. Sitting in front of screens all day is not the be all and end all of fun. Your children should be making things, learning to play an instrument or doing sports.

They need to put effort in to get the maximum benefit out!




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