Why is My Baby Crying?

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Why is My Baby Crying?

All babies cry and your baby will be no different! Some babies cry more than others and sometimes you will know why your baby is crying and other times you wont. Baby’s cry to communicate their needs but sometimes, when you have met all your baby’s obvious needs it can be frustrating to understand why they are still crying and what you can do next to soothe both your baby and yourself!

It is good sense to respond to your baby’s cry as soon as you can as this can prevent them from getting too upset which in turn can cause wind and discomfort and further crying and distress for both you and the baby.

Try to eliminate the common causes of crying first. Baby’s cry when they are hungry, when they have a dirty or wet diaper, when they are too cold or too hot or when they are ill, they also cry if they are uncomfortable or have trapped wind.

  • Check first to see if your baby needs a change of diaper
  • Make sure that your baby is comfortable, that their diaper and clothing is snug and not too tight which may irritate.
  • Check that your baby is not too cool or to hot; feel the back of your baby’s neck as the best indicator of this rather then the extremities, the hands or feet. A room thermometer is also a good way to ensure the room is at a comfortable temperature for your baby, but layers of clothing and bedding are equally as important; do not rely on a thermometer alone; add or remove clothes and bedding accordingly.
  • Make sure your baby is winded (burped) well during and after feeds and again if they are restless and irritable, trapped wind can cause otherwise unexplained crying.
  • If your baby is due a feed or if you are feeding on demand then feed your baby.

There will be times when you have attended to all of the above and your baby will still cry. If you notice anything unusual about your baby’s crying or health that concerns you then be sure to call your baby’s doctor immediately.

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