Baby Sun Safety

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The sun can potentially cause all sorts of dangers for your baby; sunstroke, sunburn and heatstroke being just a few of the conditions.  Your little one’s delicate skin is particularly vulnerable at such a young age.

How to protect your baby’s skin:

When your baby is not yet mobile to move independently then it is important that you lay him or her to wriggle about or snooze in a cool shady spot, and if your little troublemaker is crawling or toddling about, try to encourage them to play out of the sun by putting their toys in the shade. A wide brimmed hat or cap with a flap to keep the sun off of the back or your little one’s neck are also very effective at protecting your baby’s delicate skin from harmful UV rays.

Attach a parasol or sun hood to your baby’s push chair when out and about during the day, and try to avoid going in the sun a few hours before or after midday when the temperatures are highest.

Dress your little one in light, breathable, long sleeve clothing to protect your baby’s skin, and frequently apply sun cream.

Protect your baby’s eyes:

A cap, or good quality (they do not have to be expensive), sunglasses will protect sensitive young eyes from, the bright sunlight.

What to do if your baby does get sunburnt:

If your baby’s skin appears hot, red, and sore looking, then you know the sun has burnt your baby’s skin! Treat it as you would any other burn by applying a cloth soaked in cool water on the afflicted area for around quarter of an hour multiple times daily.

Bathe your baby in lukewarm water to help soothe the skin and use gentle moisturizer to lock in moisture when your baby is still cool and damp from the bath. It’s also important to keep your little one hydrated with breast milk or water.

If your baby has a temperature, is unsettled or is suffering from severe sunburn you must seek medical advice immediately.

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