What The Experts Say About Pregnancy And You

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There is just so much information out there for parents that cover everything pregnancy that it can almost seem over-whelming. Thankfully, there are experts out there that have covered this subject and so much more that can answer some of those tough questions, shed some light on things that you may have heard, and point you in the right direction of certain resources that can help you to be the best parent possible with the right tools and help you find the right resources to make taking care of you and your family easier. First, whenever you’re expecting a baby and the time comes to bring them in the world it’s recommended by experts to keep them indoors for the first six months to give them the best chance possible at not getting sick and adjusting to life outside the womb. This also includes limiting visitors and not allowing baby around people who may be sick or just getting over being sick.

Experts are also recommending that rather than formula feed, mom’s try to breast feed for as long as possible. While it’s understandable that not all moms are capable of breast feeding, you can also look in to getting breast milk from a breast milk bank if you have one in the area. While most experts recommend trying to breast feed until the child at least is two, even if you only breast feed for a little while, it all is nutritious and important for baby to have. However, you want to watch what you eat and discuss any medications you may be on as some can decrease breast milk or be harmful when passed on to baby through the mother’s breast milk. Experts also recommend that you have a good support system that can help take care of baby and allow time for adequate rest when you get over whelmed. This can help you to properly take care of yourself and get the necessary rest that allows baby to be healthily taken care of.

Parents need to work together and try to find a schedule that works and allows both parents periods in which one can rest while the other cares for baby and vice versa. Make sure you’re getting baby to all doctor visits and don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. When baby takes naps it’s highly recommended that mommy or whomever the main caregiver is try and do the same. While it’s not always easy it does allow for more rest during those first few months when things can be a bit hard. Don’t be afraid to ask for helps or talk to others about feelings you may be having. Parents of lower-income families may need assistance in taking care of baby, and they should seek local resources that may be able to help provide for baby whether it be through nutritional programs such as WIC or through family services. There are organizations that in return for going through an hour educational class will assist with things like diapers as well. 

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