Top Pregnancy Fears (and why you shouldn’t worry) – Morning Sickness
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Pregnancy can be a time of worry and anxiety which is natural. Here at Baby Arabia we look at the top fears experienced by women in pregnancy and why you shouldn’t worry. This article looks at morning sickness and the fear that many women have that their baby is not getting enough nutrition.

Morning sickness and your baby’s nutrition

Morning sickness can be harsh on an expecting Mom. Whilst it usually ceases after the first trimester it can make you feel too nauseous to eat and if you vomit also you can feel weak and be struggling to eat a balanced diet. What you need to remember is that babies are very resilient and will absorb all the nutrition they need from the food that you do give them so even if you are only managing to eat small and a limited variety of food your baby will do fine.

What you can do to help yourself with morning sickness and what to watch out for

Try eating small amounts often so you do not overload your digestive system or find yourself getting too hungry which can trigger nausea. If you do find yourself vomiting after you have eaten make sure you are not dehydrated – read more about signs of dehydration here – and if you feel really poorly it is important to consult your doctor. Meanwhile rest assured that if you do all you can to eat regularly and small amounts, and be sure to stay hydrated and take your pre-natal vitamins your baby will not suffer from any nutritional imbalance even if you do feel fed up with morning sickness.

Remember that morning sickness generally subsides once you enter into the second trimester or at around 16 weeks and at this time your baby will noticeably gain weight.

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