Toddler – Hair Brushing Tips

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Toddlers do not like to stay still and are usually too busy to understand the need for brushed hair! Hair brushing however is important not just to keep your little one looking neat and tidy but also to keep tangles out of their hair, a healthy scalp and to keep an eye out for anything that should not be there such as the dreaded head-lice! With a little patience and imagination you can help your toddler to enjoy hair brushing and make it easier for yourself to complete this task without too much stress!

Hair brushing tips

  • Tangles: Prevention is better than cure: one main reason toddlers do not like their hair being brushed is because it can hurt when tugging on tangles, especially when in a rush. Preventing tangles by keeping longer hair in a braid or pony-tail will help avoid tangles as will using a detangling shampoo and conditioner or leave in detangling spray. You cannot prevent tangles altogether so be gentle with brushing and combing – a little more time spent with a willing child making hair brushing painless will save a lot of time later trying to brush the hair of a reluctant wriggling toddler who is afraid their hair will be pulled and hurt! Patience is worth it!
  • Choose brushes and combs suitable for little heads and delicate hair. Combs should be wide toothed and non-scratchy and brushes should have rounded bristles that will not snag on the hair or scratch the head. A detangling spray can be very helpful and can be left in to condition the hair.
  • Toddlers love games and love attention so make hair brushing fun by telling stories or letting them look at a special book or encourage them to brush the hair of their favorite doll to make her smart also.
  • Sometimes it is best with a very reluctant toddler to let them have a little control over the situation when brushing their hair by letting them have a go themselves. By taking turns and letting your toddler go first then you can finish the job yourself taking care of the missed areas and remaining tangles.
  • With girls, hair accessories and different styles can turn hair brushing time into great creative fun however beware this can be time consuming so if in a rush keep choices to a minimum!

Be patient, be careful not to hurt your toddler with rough brushing or pulling tangles and allow them some input and it should be a fun as well as functional experience.

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