Toddler – Ear Care

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It is surprising what can be found in a toddler’s ears from time to time now that they are on the move and getting out and about under their own steam. The most important thing is to understand what it is alright to remove, from what part of the ear, and how.

Your toddler will have ear wax and that is natural and helpful to keep foreign bodies such as dirt and insects out of the delicate inner ear. Too much ear wax can build up and if this happens it can cause discomfort and must be removed by the doctor; a little too much build up can be softened and removed naturally at home by using drops – a few drops of baby oil or olive oil will help the wax soft and allow it to come out of the ear for gentle cleansing.

Check your toddler’s ears when you bathe them and if you see something lodged within the ear that should not be there do not be tempted to remove it yourself as this may push it further into the ear and cause damage; let your doctor take care of this as they will have a special implement to remove the offending article safely!

Clean carefully around your toddler’s outer ears around the nooks and crevices of the ear to keep them dirt and wax free but leave the inner ear canal alone to cleanse itself. If there is too much build up, your toddler seems uncomfortable or you suspect any infection then visit your doctor.

Look out for:

  • Earache (your child will probably pull their ear or hold it and it may seem hot or red)
  • Itching
  • Hearing problems

Wax in your child’s ear will usually build up then harden, dry out and fall into the outer ear where it can easily be removed by gentle wiping with warm water and a swab. Discolored or foul smelling wax indicates a possible infection or something causing irritation in the ear and needs professional help from your doctor. If in doubt always seek professional help as little ears are delicate.

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