The emotional ups and downs of pregnancy

Emotional ups and downs of pregnancy
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The emotional ups and downs of pregnancy

I am happy to be pregnant – why are my emotions so up and down?

Whilst pregnancy is a time of joy for most people, the hormonal changes experienced can lead to an overabundance of all types of emotions. Not everyone suffers the same emotional roller-coaster that others do. Others may feel that their emotions are completely out of control. What is important is understanding what is normal when it comes to your emotional health during pregnancy and how your mood can be affected. Pregnancy can be at once a joyous and stressful time. Remember to direct your questions or concerns to your doctor if you feel you are struggling.

Hormonal changes and mood swings

Hormonal changes are perfectly natural and in fact essential in pregnancy. They can, however bring unwelcome side effects including morning sickness and emotional ups and downs leading to mood swings throughout the day. It is not at all unusual to feel overwhelmed when you are pregnant, which is completely understandable considering the natural anxiety which can accompany the excitement of pregnancy as well as increasing tiredness and struggle to achieve the tasks of everyday life as your pregnancy progresses and slows you down.

It is usual in pregnancy to experience the feeling of being happy one minute and then the next minute you may be yelling at your partner for something that normally does not bother you. You may find that people are walking on eggshells around you as to not upset you, which may only upset you more.

Help for mood swings in pregnancy

If you find this is a problem, there are things that you can do in order to help you manage your moods.  It is said that rest can help ease these symptoms however rest is often impractical with a busy life.

One thing you can do is to practice meditation. The benefits of meditation cannot be understated. Even if you are not pregnant, meditation can help you relieve stress and help to improve your mood.

Exercise is another great thing to do when you are pregnant to help improve your mood because it will help increase your endorphins. As you are pregnant, you should discuss with your medical professional to determine which exercise options are safe for you to do. This will help you not only improve your mood, but brings other benefits to help you have a healthy pregnancy.

Emotional health in pregnancy and when to worry

 Your emotional health is just as important while you are pregnant as it is normally. Although you are more likely at this time to experience emotional ups and downs it is important to remember that if you have any severe feelings of depression and hopelessness, you need to talk to your doctor. Having a baby is a life changing experience and it will bring stress and anxiety. Understanding how to handle your emotions will help you make it through the emotional ride in one piece.


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