Tariq wants a racing car – a story for good children!

Tariq playing
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Here’s a story from Baby-Arabia’s writers to tell your children. It may help them to behave well the next time you go shopping…

Tariq and the red racing car

Tariq was a little boy who loved cars. Every day Tariq would look out of his window and watch the cars passing by his house. He would remember the colors of the cars, if they were big or small and how many people were in them. Most of all he liked racing cars and he really like it when the cars went fast!

Tariq had quite a few toy cars that he loved to play with and he would often be found under his mothers work desk racing them and saying “Brumm!”. He had a blue car, 2 yellow ones and a big lorry that was green, but what Tariq wanted more than anything else was a red racing car.

One day Tariq went shopping with his mom and he was quite happy helping her get shopping and following her around the shopping mall. After a while though, Tariq started to get tired and miserable. ”Shopping is boring” he said to his mommy.

He knew what he really wanted, and it was the red racing car he had seen in the toy shop. “Mommy” he said “Can we buy my racing car now?”

His mom was very busy and she had to meet his aunty that afternoon and so she replied “If we are quick Tariq, we can go to the toy shop, but I have lots of groceries and important things to buy so that we can all eat a special dinner tonight when Daddy gets home.”

This was a very reasonable thing for Tariq’s mom to say, but Tariq didn’t think so. He wanted his racing car right now and he would make his mommy buy it for him.

Tariq sat on the floor and began to cry. His mommy was very kind so she didn’t tell him off but she did carry on walking keeping an eye on Tariq until he realized Mommy didn’t seem to be taking any notice.

All the way around the shops Tariq, argued and moaned and cried. He wouldn’t help his mom at all and made such a fuss that there was no time left.

“We have to go home now Tariq or I will miss aunty” his mom said.

“But mommy!” he cried “What about my racing car?!”

Tariq’s mom just didn’t have time so despite crying and shouting Tariq went home very sad, with no new toy. At dinner time, Tariq thought his dad might help, so he told him about the shopping trip. Tariq just knew daddy would see mommy had been mean. But Tariq’s daddy didn’t tell his mommy off. Instead he told Tariq that he should be a good boy next time and then maybe he might get his racing car. Tariq cried and cried until he went to sleep, but just before he shut his eyes, he decided that next time, he would try to be a good boy.

A few days later, Tariq’s mommy was going to the shops again, and Tariq went too. All around the shops Tariq was only thinking of his toy, but he remembered what daddy had said, and tried his utmost best to be good. He helped his mommy all around the shops, fetching and carrying and even picked up some shopping she had dropped.

At last, at the end of the trip Tariq’s mommy took him to the toy shop. Tariq showed his mommy the really fast red racing car, and his mommy bought it for him.

“Thank you mommy, I love you” he said and smiling and holding up his racing car.

“Brrrrummmm!” he shouted, racing it all the way back to the car park.





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