Taking Care of Skin Changes during Pregnancy

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Pregnancy has strong effects on the woman’s skin. These effects are caused by hormonal changes, which affect her mood negatively. With daily care, you can face any skin problem and shine. This is the secret of Hollywood starlets who shine even during pregnancy, because they always take care of their beauty and skin.

First, here are the most prominent changes that you will face during pregnancy, so you do not have to worry, as most women face the same problems!

Freckles are more prevalent among pregnant women. They usually disappear after pregnancy, but some of them may remain, so you need to apply some natural recipes on your skin to get rid of them.

Some pregnant woman may also have stretch marks, especially in the abdominal area, so it is advisable to massage the abdomen with warm almond oil every day to avoid the appearance of those signs.

Excessive darkness appears in some parts of body, such as the neck. This has nothing to do with hygiene, but rather hormonal changes that lead to skin color changes, which disappear with time.

Because your breasts are getting ready for breastfeeding, two colors in brown and red may appear on them as well as some small protrusions. On top of that, the dark area around the nipple will expand during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Another dark line may appear longitudinally on the abdomen from the bottom of the navel due to pregnancy and childbirth.

Some women feel itchy and experience allergies while pregnant, particularly during the second half of pregnancy. This itching may be in the vaginal area. In such cases, make sure to clean the area repeatedly and consult your doctor.

Changes for the better or for the worse may appear in your nails and hair; your nails may look strong and your hair may look smooth and thick or the opposite, as these changes vary from woman to woman, according to the changes that occur in every woman’s body.

Now, let us learn how to take care of your skin during pregnancy by following these simple tips:

– As previously mentioned, messaging your body with natural oils could reduce the lines and stretch marks. Use almond oil to massage your belly every day, as well as the nipple area to avoid any cracks while breastfeeding.

– Moisturizing your skin every day is important and essential to prevent drying out and to rehydrate the body.

– Taking care of your body’s hygiene is one of the most important things that you should keep in mind during pregnancy in order to avoid any kind of allergy, infections or itching caused by the hormonal changes. Daily shower, using natural cleanser and lukewarm water is recommended.

– Pregnant woman should relax in a warm bath, which consists of warm water, natural oils, mixed with essential oils in order to keep her skin moisturized and free of any defects.

– Cotton clothing are required, unlike that kind of clothes which cause inflammation and itching since you need soft and gentle touch on your skin.

– Stay away from hair removers that contain chemicals such as creams. Also, do not use bleaching cosmetics that may harm your skin.

– Keep your skin fresh and bright during pregnancy; do not give up any important element. Put vegetables and fruits on the top of your nutrition list because of their importance to your skin, hair, and overall health.

– There are nutritional supplements and vitamins recommended by doctors during pregnancy. To preserve your skin, health and the unborn baby’s health as well, you should ask your doctor about these supplements and be keen on the regular intake of these supplements.

Finally, take care of your beauty and do not neglect your appearance at this stage. Always be beautiful in front of yourself and in front of everyone else, thus you will absolutely guarantee a shiny skin and attractive look during pregnancy, and therefore you will keep your confidence and charm in front of others!

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