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Double Bracket: Once considered the “badge of motherhood” stretchmarks can be prevented and eased

Stretchmarks – the prerequisite for pregnancy that no woman wants. For decades, it was expected that stretchmarks were not fixable and a necessity during and after pregnancy. Since then we’ve come a long way in finding ways to prevent them or make them virtually invisible. Here are three top techniques which, after several weeks, will really make a difference:

Massaging and moisturising. In order to alleviate the appearance of stretchmarks, first you need to keep both your body and your skin hydrated. Be sure to rub an organic moisturiser over your entire body at least twice a day. The motion will stimulate blood circulation which encourages new tissue to grow, so your skin will grow and repair itself faster. Since stretchmarks are a result of tightening skin, loosening the pressure via massaging and creams will reduce the difference in colour and texture. 

Yoga. Stretching your body not only strengthens and tones your core muscles but your skin too. As you might know, skin is a muscle, too, and yoga helps “exercise’ your skin. Don’t over exert yourself, but by doing gentle tummy and pelvic floor exercises every day, the skin will become taught and toned. This reduces sagging skin and stretchmarks. Invest in a yoga mat and work out for twenty minutes a day of core toning. Typically, you will start to see results after two weeks. Check with your doctor first.

Bio Oil. If the first two techniques do not work, you can try using a specialist oil (ask your pharmacist or doctor). As well as working wonders on stitches and scar tissue, specially designed oil is brilliant for evening your skin-tone. Just a few drops rubbed into the skin morning and evening will lighten stretchmarks after a few nights. Allowing yourself 15 minutes a day out in the sunshine will speed the process along too, as specialist oil works quicker when exposed to Vitamin D. 

Stretch marks can be unsightly and annoying to deal with, but stretchmarks do not have to be permanent! Trying one or a combination of all three methods is a sure way to prevent and help repair any stretchmarks you may have from your pregnancy. 


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