Resist the Pressures of Motherhood… No Collapsing

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“I can’t stand my child’s crying. I’m exhausted between work and concern for them and the house. I don’t have any time for myself!”

These are SOS calls that you make in private and in public when you feel you’re on the brink of collapse, and you don’t know how to help yourself.

Motherly exhaustion is a common state that every woman who has distributed her energy and health over a hundred “domestic fronts” has experienced. How is it possible to remain a strong, balanced mother in the midst of all this?

  • You should stop considering yourself “Super Mama” at first and take on more than you can do. Repeatedly consult your schedule every day.
  • Delegate some of the tasks to whoever can help you with them: your husband, your mother, your sister, your neighbour. It’s also okay if you work fewer hours outside the home.
  • Always remember that in the midst of all these responsibilities you can never do everything perfectly by yourself; stop feeling guilty for any shortcomings.
  • Your child cries all night and wakes up again as soon as they fall asleep, and you panic and wish you had never had them, or that you were living alone on a faraway island! A few moments later, you regret it and punish yourself for your wish.
  • The advice is this: stop immediately blaming yourself, because your child can cry for twenty minutes straight before falling asleep, as long as they aren’t complaining of anything.
  • It’s okay if you overlook some of the latest tasks and place more importance on others based on priorities; it never means that you aren’t the ideal mother that you wish to be.
  • Balance between fatigue and rest is a red line that every working mother must work to observe; know that a mother’s collapse may cause the collapse of the entire household… with everyone in it!

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