Pumpkin Mask to Restore the Freshness of your Skin

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Do you feel that your skin looks tired during pregnancy or after delivery and would like to restore its freshness? Here we share with you a natural recipe that mainly contains pumpkin, which is rich in vitamin “A” from Baby-Arabia:

– Half a cup of fresh pumpkin pulp.
– One egg.
– Two teaspoons of diamond milk (for dry and normal skin).
– Two teaspoons of apple vinegar or cranberry juice (for oily skin).
– One teaspoon of oil (for dry skin).

How to prepare the recipe:
Mash the pulp of a fresh pumpkin and add the egg after it turns into a thick paste.

For normal skin: Mix the paste of the pumpkin with diamond milk rich in Omega 3.
For dry skin: Mix the paste with some honey and almond milk.
For oily skin: Mix the paste with the apple vinegar or cranberry juice.

How to use it:
Apply the pumpkin mask on your face for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove the mask with cold water. Moisture your skin with your daily moisturizing cream.

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