Pregnant! How to choose your fashion for this season?

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If you want to stay attractive and stylish during the exciting period of pregnancy, you should first think of everything that could provide comfort, ease of movement and simplicity, while dressing fashionably at the same time.
Alia Al Mulla, personal and institutional image consultant, gives you the following advice:

– For this winter, choose loose fitting clothing if you want to hide your baby bump and tight clothes if you want to draw attention to it!

– In the first stages of your pregnancy, use some of the clothing articles you already have in your closet and which can still be worn. As your pregnancy progresses, you can buy some new ones.

– For a unique look, make your coat your companion for this. Pick a basic color coat such as black, brown, dark blue, or gray if you have a classical personality. But if you’re a creative and outgoing person, then wear a colored or tiger print coat.

– Throw a colored shawl, scarf, or a blanket scarf on your shoulders or neck. It is preferable to pick one with the right color palette for you. Using the right color close to your face gives you a fresh and bright look, especially during pregnancy when you’re often exhausted.

– Consider wearing leggings or tights, they are some of the most important small and essential pieces this season. They can be worn in both casual or smart casual styles. Wear them with a big pullover, a short dress or a tunic.

– Jeans jacket, or a waterfall dress or an open floral or embroidered wool jacket to add a modern touch to your look.

– Wrap dresses, which can be adjusted in size. These dresses are usually made of jersey, and they are very suitable for curvy figures during pregnancy. They are available for this season in special prints and colors.

– Maternity jeans can add a youthful look for the pregnant woman, especially this winter with the emergence of print and embroidered jeans in many fashion shows.

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Alia Al Manla
Personal and Institutional Image Consultant


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