Pregnancy Dreams

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Pregnancy Dreams

Pregnancy is a time of intense feelings from excited anticipation to anxiety and fear of the unknown. However much you are looking forward to the arrival of your new baby it is natural to be anxious about your pregnancy and your forthcoming role as a new parent. This is especially if you are a first time parent, but every pregnancy is a time of change.

You may find that you dream more than you usually do or that your dreams are more vivid and sometimes disturbing.This is perfectly natural and at is thought to be your mind’s way of adapting to your new situation and the mixed feelings you will be experiencing. Pregnancy hormones also play a role in this.

It is common to experience dreams where you or your baby are in situations of danger or where you accidentally leave your baby behind or forget to care for them in some way. This may be your subconscious adjusting to your anticipated responsibilities and the magnitude of becoming a parent. Dreams of a former and more carefree life before pregnancy are also common. Dreaming that you are in vulnerable situations or situations where you are powerful are also normal. Many mothers also experience dreams of giving birth and handling a new born baby which may be full of anxiety which is again very normal.

You can’t go wrong if you understand that intense dreaming is a natural reaction to your changing body, your pregnancy and your new life to come. However strange your dreams are you will be in good company with most expectant mothers who will be experiencing the same. Relax and remember that it is nature’s way of helping you make the adjustment.

Follow a good sleep routine to ensure the best healthy sleep you can get (insert link) and if your dreams are particularly troublesome or disturbing it may help to talk to another person about them. Sharing your dreams with your partner can be intimate and therapeutic as long as you both remember that they are only dreams. Just because you may dream that you drop you baby does not mean that you will actually do this!

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