These Are the Most Important Safety Standards in Your Child’s Room

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Do You Know What Ensures Safety in a Child’s Room?

What do you know about the most important safety standards in your child’s room? It’s their little planet; where they play and sleep, and where their dreams orbit around. As a result, your child’s room along with its furniture and content, should be a space suitable to their needs, that makes life easier for you, and at the same time protects your child from risk.

Key Safety Measures in Your Child’s Room

Your child’s room is often crowded with toys and stuffed animals, turning it into a space of amusing and perhaps uncomfortable chaos.

Because children are the first victims in household accidents, it’s okay to take a few safety measures for the child’s room into consideration when preparing it for the little angel.

Soft Laminate Flooring to Avoid Shocks

Tiles are hazardous floors for children at the beginning when they first start tumbling. Therefore, it’s preferable to get soft floors capable of absorbing shocks, like cork or parquet flooring. As for carpets, you should be aware of the high edges that could cause children new to walking and moving around to stumble. It’s advisable to use a moquette that cover the whole floor and reduce the impact of the shocks.

It’s essential to always be aware that carpets, even moquette, could cause real suffering to children who complain of allergies and asthma because of the flooring’s accumulation of dust. In such cases, it’s preferable to replace them with parquet, while maintaining good heating of the child’s room.

How to Choose Furniture for the Child’s Room

In recent years, parents have been able to rely on specific markers of quality in choosing furniture for their child’s room—the Blue Angels brand, for example—which means that the furnishings produce few harmful substances.

In choosing the child’s bed, make sure that it meets strict standards, including being surrounded by wooden bars wrapped in thick cotton cloth to protect the little one from any injury resulting from a fall or collision with the bars. Always be sure that other furniture has rounded or padded corners to protect against collision.

Other Precautionary Measures

There are other essential procedures to follow in your little one’s room: you must be sure, for example, that all electrical outlets are disguised or covered to avoid having a curious finger inserted.

It’s also advised to avoid hanging cords from the furniture, electronics, and lighting appliances present in your child’s room, as they might cause your child to stumble. For the same reason, don’t choose curtains that have ribbons or cords hanging from them, but rather go for those that can be pushed aside and opened by hand, for more safety in the child’s room.

Finally, don’t leave medicines or disinfectants within their reach or sight, as this might feed into their curiosity and cause them to climb and taste… to explore

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