I am worried my baby won’t eat solid food …

tips for weaning baby
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I am worried my baby won’t eat solid food …

Weaning tips for 7 month old babies

 It can be worrying when your baby refuses to eat solids. You may find yourself feeling guilty or wondering if there is something wrong with your baby’s development. In reality it’s probably nothing to worry about and your baby will eventually start to eat when they are ready: especially if they are hungry!

Here are our 8 top tips for getting your baby to eat:
Don’t Start Too Soon

4 out of 10 parents start weaning at 4 months when doctors and nutrition experts recommend starting at 6 months. Some babies are just very hungry and you can start them early but there is no need to worry about weaning until at least 6 months.

Very often it is the texture that puts our babies off solid food. So give them something more like they are used to. Start up the blender and make puree!

Make A Mess

Mess and fun go to together when it comes to babies. Allow your baby to play and enjoy their new food experiences. Expect a mess and don’t worry too much about table manners at this stage!

Give A Sample

When starting new foods, give your baby a very small amount so that they can learn the taste. This introduces the taste of new food and allows them time to process new sensations.

Don’t Give In to Tantrums

One of a baby’s major communication methods is the tantrum. Firstly, make sure there is no real reason for the outburst, such as pain. If you that they are just having a tantrum, try keeping a pleasant smile on your face and continue to introduce the food like nothing’s going on. Your baby may calm down and start eating normally.

Tune Out Distractions

Turn off TV’s and make sure your other children are not playing or distracting your baby. Get your baby to focus on the food and make feeding an interactive playful experience.

Have Fun

Meal time can be fun for your baby and you. Smile and clap to encourage your little one to eat. Encourage them with smiles and tickles. Don’t forget the classic “flying” spoon with airplane noises!

Bring On Self-Feeding

Between 8 and 9 months, your baby can start feeding themselves. Sometimes handing over the reins to your little one can get them to eat. Of course, be very watchful of how much they’re eating with each spoonful.

Eat Together

You are your baby’s first role model and you provide them with most of their learning. Babies learn most by copying. Watching you enjoy your meal will make your baby more willing to eat their own. 







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