6 Tips from Baby Arabia’s readers for a happy newborn baby

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6 Tips from Baby Arabia’s readers for a happy newborn baby

Real tips from around the Arabic world from our readers

If the is your first baby you may not know what to expect and maybe be anxious about your new role as a mother.

We asked our readers for their top hints, tips and advice that all new Moms should know.

Don’t worry too much about noise

“Don’t worry too much about making a noise when your baby is sleeping. It’s noisy in your tummy, and newborns are used to the noise. When ours baby  first came home, we listened to music, watched TV and I would vacuum and talk around her while she slept. She got used to sleeping with noise, and I soon I could lead a normal life. It might take a little time but it’s worth it. She is peaceful and well rested when she wakes up. “

Daria, UAE

Soothing strokes and touch help a lot

“When my baby cries, I stroke her back or gently pat it in a heartbeat-like rhythm. That helps her burp more quickly, and it also helps her relax as she is reminded of the comfort of the womb“

Hadil, Lebabnon

Breast shields help with latching issues

“If your baby finds it difficult to latch on to your breast or you find it painful, you can use breast shields to help the process. This was a wonderful tip that I learned from my doctor. I had to use the shields for about a month before my baby would latch directly to my breast without them. Without the shields I think I may have given up nursing my baby and had to use formula. Highly recommend“

Moneira, KSA

Be prepared before feeding or changing

“Babies seem to pick up on stress. Somehow your baby knows when you are tired or upset and they make it all worse by crying even more! If you get your diaper station ready prepared and all you feeds and equipment ready in plenty of time your stress levels drop and this relaxes baby too. The more calm and relaxed you are the happier your baby will be.”

Daria, UAE

Keep your baby awake during feeds

“Sometimes my baby would fall asleep during feeds. When this happened my husband and I would massage her cheek and gently talk to her. Using our fingertips with gentle pressure and quietly talking meant she finished her feeds and slept better in between. It made  it so much easier and we were able to sleep better ourselves”

Libby, Egypt

Encourage dad to help with baby

“Make sure your baby gets to know their daddy. The sooner baby recognizes daddy and feels comfortable the sooner you can get a much needed break when you need it. If you have problems leaving baby alone with dad at first just cuddle them together and then leave the room for a few minutes. These breaks get longer until your baby feels perfectly at home with mommy or daddy. You will need daddy’s help when you need time to yourself as every mother does. Baby bonding early with dad is helpful to everyone and sets up a great future for a loving family”

Aliya, Jordan

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