How to Practice Wellness and Fitness During Pregnancy

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Double Bracket: Making positive changes to your lifestyle and looking after your health and wellness in pregnancy is an investment in the future for both you and your baby. Pregnancy can be an exciting time for anyone who is expecting the birth of her child. However, there are sacrifices to be made and doctors have a list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to expectant mothers to ensure the wellness and safety of both her and her unborn baby. While some of them might seem a little harsh, nothing is more important than a mother who practices wellness and fitness so that her child can be born as healthy and safely as possible. A fit and healthy mother will find that helps her with labor and delivery when the time comes, as well as her recovery from the birth.  Here are some tips that expectant mothers can do to help with their wellness and fitness during pregnancy.  Keep in mind, this advice is general and in no way replaces the individual advice given to you by your doctor or care professionals.

  • Drink fluids.  Make sure you stay properly hydrated with water, milk and things that are good for both you and baby. Try to avoid caffeine or carbonated drinks especially if you’ve been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. 
  • Take exercise. Doctors recommend that most women carry on the same exercise routine prior to conceiving. Check with your doctor what is right for you.
  • Eat healthily. By eating healthy you’re giving your baby the best chances to grow and thrive. Just like our bodies need the vitamins and nutrients so do our unborn babies.
  • No smoking, drinking or illegal drugs. While this might seem obvious, it’s almost uncommon to see a pregnant woman not smoking somewhere. The results for the unborn baby are awful with lack of oxygen in womb and nicotine withdrawals when they’re born. Likewise, alcohol can cause alcohol fetal syndrome in the womb which can lead to very serious health issues for the baby. Some doctors approve a glass of wine a day, but no more than that. It is better to be safe than sorry.  Illegal substances can lead to major health issues, addiction for baby, deformities and even death. You only want what’s best for your child, and that means keeping anything harmful out of your body. If you feel like you struggle with alcoholism, or addiction, seek help as soon as you can to give both you and your baby the best chance of a happy and healthy future.
  • Take your vitamins. While fruits and vegetables are great ways to improve your health and take care of your body while pregnant, there are certain key things that pregnant women need in higher dosages including iron. For this reason, it’s important to take a pre-natal multi-vitamin as soon as you believe you are pregnant to protect your baby’s health and reduce the risk of certain deficiencies and diseases baby could develop in your womb as a result of a lack of nutrients.
  • Get plenty of rest. I know this can be easier said than done, but you should rest while you can before your baby comes along because after they are born there will not be so much opportunity!

It is a big responsibility being pregnant and a time to take extra care of your body and leave out anything that may potentially harm your unborn baby.  The time goes very quickly and you will be in much better shape for delivery and caring for your newborn baby if you are fit and healthy.  It will be worth any short term sacrifices.

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