How to Avoid Nosebleeds

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Bloody Noses Worry Parents, but They’re Not Dangerous

Children’s nosebleeds aren’t dangerous in most cases, but it can be frightening for you to see blood suddenly dripping from your child’s nose.

In that moment, parents are besieged by questions: Should I hold their head back or forward? Do I hold their nose, do I put ice on it, or do I take them to the hospital?

Why do children get bloody noses?

To find out how to avoid annoying surprises like children’s nosebleeds, you have to understand their causes.

A Blow to the Nose or Picking the Nose

A blow to the nose is the first explanation that comes to mind when blood is trickling from the child’s nose. If this turns out not to be the cause, you can ask the child whether they stuck their finger up their nose. In this case, you should be careful to cut your child’s fingernails regularly.

Blowing the Nose Too Vigorously

It’s always helpful to teach the child that they should blow their nose gently, without pressure or violence, as this could make them bleed. Mothers are advised to wash their children’s noses regularly to get rid of the snot and keep them from drying out with saline solution.

Excessive Heating

It’s always advisable to pay attention to the temperature of the rooms children sleep or play in, as excessive heating may lead to increased dryness of the nose and raise the risk of the blood vessels inside it bursting. If necessary, it’s all right to use a room humidifier.

Allergies and Colds

Many children experience repeated nosebleeds because of colds or because they’re allergic to certain things.

What to do if their nose starts bleeding

Have your child sit down and tilt their head forward a little to prevent the blood from reaching the pharynx. If a little blood does reach the throat, ask your child to spit it out to avoid nausea or vomiting.

Apply pressure to both sides of their nose at the spot where the nasal bones end and continue to do so for about ten minutes. Try doing it for another ten more minutes if the bleeding still hasn’t stopped.

You might also place a piece of ice on their nose or the base of their neck, which will make the blood vessels constrict and stop the bleeding.

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