Holiday packing: 5 things you must not forget!

holiday packing case
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The holiday season approaches and everyone is preparing to fly off for a well earned break. Whatever you do, don’t spoil it, by forgetting to pack something vital to keeping your kids safe and quiet!

1. Sun Cream

All skin types can suffer if exposed to too much sun. Stay protected from top to toe as you head for the beach – it’s always best to stay safe from the sun’s rays with the correct UV rating for your skin type.

2. Sunglasses

Your children’s eyes are also very sensitive and can be damaged by the sun. Remember to pack a pair of shades to enjoy your holiday to the full, without squinting and discomfort. Don’t forget that trips to snowy countries, especially if you are skiing, will need sunglasses too!

3. Books

Whether you’re a Kindle or paperback fan, the perfect holiday companion is a good beach read. From relaxing by the waves to looking up some great life tips, pack a book you love and you’ll never feel lost. Kids often find the reader inside while relaxing in the sun, so make sure they have a selection of comics and magazines as well as their favorite story books.

4. Flip Flops

Shoes top the list for being left behind in a hurry. Make sure you’re children’s feet are cool in a nice pair of flip flops. They’re a must if you are on the beach exploring rock pools or splashing in the waves.

5. Tech Charger

Make sure you bring chargers for all your gadgets so you can make that essential phone call, snap a breathtaking view or finish your e-book chapter. Children are increasingly tech savvy and buying a new charger on holiday can be expensive, not to mention annoying if they’re desperate to connect!




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