First Day at Pre-school

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The first day at pre-school can be met with mixed emotions of trepidation and excitement for both you and your child. Preparing beforehand by talking to your child about what to expect and helping them get excited is a good idea and also making sure your child has all they need to take with them. Don’t set your expectations too high – an independent child may suddenly become clingy when they realize that you are going and it may be hard for you to leave, but keep positive and remember that handled well this is all temporary and your little one should soon adjust and be excited to go to pre-school.

Practical preparation:

Make sure you have the following ready for the first day:

  • Backpack ideally chosen by the child with enough space for all they need and named.
  • Any paperwork required by the pre-school that has not already been submitted – pre-schools usually involve lots of forms and questionnaires to help the staff know more about your child and any medical as well as general needs they may have.
  • Lunchbox, snack and drink if required. Some pre-schools will insist on nut-free products because of allergies.
  • A change of clothes.
  • Suitable outerwear for the season and a hat, sunblock, waterproofs as required – the pre-school will advise.
  • A comfort item, favorite blanket or toy if your child is going to have a nap time.
  • Any medication your child will need to be given to the staff.
  • Anything else advised by the pre-school

On the morning

  • Do not rush! Make sure that the morning routine is as relaxed as possible.
  • Arrive a little but not too early.
  • Chat to your child about what to expect and say how proud you are that they are off to pre-school and that you can’t wait to hear all about it later.
  • You may be encouraged to stay around for a while, but allow and encourage your child to move away and get involved in activities so that the teacher can gradually take over and you can leave.
  • Do not sneak away, let your child know that you are leaving.
  • Leave promptly and with no fuss – do not do extended goodbyes.

Remember it is normal for your child to be upset when it comes to time to separate (although they may well not!) they will almost certainly be fine a few minutes after you have left, the staff are used to dealing with this and your little one will soon be absorbed in a fun activity. You may feel upset if your child is but hold your tears until you are well out of sight! Your child may greet you on return with tears again (they will just have remembered that you left!) or they may be too involved in fun to want to leave – both are normal. Sometimes a child who separates well at first may become clingy as the weeks go by; if this happens talk to the staff to make sure nothing is wrong but it is likely to be that they have come to realize that you will leave and the immediate novelty of the pre-school fun may have worn off a little, again it is likely just a very temporary stage, keep your nerve!

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