5 Healthy summer ice cream tips

healthy ice creams
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Ice cream in the summer

What would summer be without ice cream? Sometimes it’s hard to be mindful of your child’s health without feeling like there is no fun in the world!

At Baby-Arabia we are not all exercise and tofu and we know that sometimes it’s good to kick back and enjoy the finer things. Ice cream can be included as a summer treat if you follow the guidelines below.

How can you preserve the ice cream ritual while keeping nutrition in mind?

  1. Balance:The phrase “everything in moderation” is especially applicable to nutrition. Ice cream should be an occasional treat as opposed to a nightly routine. Refrain from keeping huge tubs of ice cream in the house, and instead buy small containers that can be divided among family members in proper portion sizes.
  2. Portion size:The serving size for most ice cream is ½ a cup. Try to encourage your kids to see as ice cream as a delight to be savored, not a filling food to be gobbled down by the bucket full!
  3. Toppings:Nuts and sugary flakes add to the calories, but you have to have them. If you bear in mind the advice above on portion size it’s OK to add a little extra on top. Just don’t go mad and end up with more toppings than ice cream!
  4. Quality:  Choose ice creams that have whole foods ingredients, such as milk, eggs, sugar, strawberries etc. Steer away from those that have a long list of preservatives. Nature has all the ingredients that kids need, without putting in the extra chemicals and dyes.
  5. Make your own (easily!):For a healthy and delicious ice cream, blend a bag of frozen strawberries with Greek vanilla yogurt. Sometimes it helps to let the fruit thaw for about 5-10 minutes before blending. Blend the mix for about 5 minutes, or until the consistency is a smooth, ice creamy dollop. Get your children involved in making it and they will appreciate ice cream all the more!



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