How Do You Deal With Your Child’s Oversensitivity?

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Your child is very sensitive, vulnerable and quick to cry in the simplest situations, and you find it difficult to calm them every time. You’re afraid this trait will remain with them as they mature and that they will grow up unable to face their fears in the adult world.

  • First, you must know that your child’s oversensitivity is not a psychological state but a disposition that you must deal with accurately to avoid reinforcing or ignoring it. If they burst into tears because they banged their leg while playing, don’t show any panic; just say, “Everything will be fine and you will be a great ballplayer!” And if they get a bad grade at school, ease their distress by saying, “This doesn’t mean it’s a failure!”
  • It’s up to you when a fit of sadness and tears comes on to speak with your child about what happened; this will help them, with time, to face their fears. For example, you might say, “See? No need to worry; things like this happen all the time!”
  • Know that the sensitive child will react strongly to everything around them; they are like a receptacle for all the emotions in their vicinity. Make sure to create a secure climate at home because they will pick up on any disturbances in their little world.

You and their father should keep the tone of your voices companionable during discussions; they will understand any raised voices as a quarrel between you.

  • To build on the positive in this sensitive personality, remember that your child has a big imagination, and use this characteristic to turn their interests towards things that will enhance their self-confidence and adaptability.
  • Some vulnerable children become this way as a result of family issues, like the death of someone close to them or their parents’ divorce.
  • Know that the tendency towards introversion is one of the biggest dangers that these children face because of their fear of failing in front of others, an issue that may create a barrier to their personal and social development. Explain to your child, “We may be exposed to failure, but we will always do what we can to succeed”.

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