Beauty Doesn’t Have to Fade When You Have Kids

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When you have a child, it can be hard to get dolled up when you want to, but we’re bringing you beauty tips and tricks to get that fresh, dolled-up look within 5 minutes. Read further to discover a new way of functioning!

Before we start, fresh and natural makeup looks great on skin that looks like it’s taken care of. Moisturizing with a great product when you wake up and before you go to bed will help give you this fresh dewy look. Using a moisturizer with SPF can help put hyperpigmentation to rest. Last but not least, if you’re active with your child most of the day and you notice your skin getting oily, this is because it is dehydrated. If you take blotting paper with you, you’ll be able to remove this excess oil and keep your skin acne-free as well as hydrated.

1. Bold lips – the quickest beauty trick

To look more made up than you are, a quick bold lip will leave strangers speechless.  It gives a pop of color to your face in a bold area, making it appear as if you took the time to put yourself together, even if that’s the only thing you do. Creating an illusion is what makeup is best for. Make sure to neatly apply and remove any outside of the lines. Using a lip liner that matches your lipstick can help keep it clean around the edges and provide an adhesive for the lipstick to stick onto.

2. Mascara only

Instead of doing a smokey eye of some sort, pairing bold lips with a few coats of mascara per eye, can help you look as if you took the time to wake up early and do your makeup. Applying mascara doesn’t take an ounce of skill and can make it appear as if you’re wearing eyeliner when you’re not. Accentuating the lips and eyes are two major points in wearing makeup, and these combined can be done within 3 minutes.

3. Light coverage

If you’re not a fan of cover up, foundation or concealer, but want to reduce redness in your face, applying a tinted moisturizer with the above will help it look as if you spent a way longer time on your face than 10 minutes combined. A tinted moisturizer keeps your face hydrated while providing SPF protection when you’re out running errands or taking your kids to the park. This type of tinted moisturizer typically stays on when sweating happens as it’s made for long wear.

4. The sock bun – quick and effective hair waves

If you take a shower before you go to bed, make sure to lightly brush out your hair and attempt the sock bun for natural, heatless waves overnight. Simple cut the closed end of a sock off and put your hair into a ponytail. Using the sock, roll your hair down around the sock scrunchy. Pin into place and go to bed like this. When you wake up, you’ll have natural waves that aren’t as frizzy as it would be if it dried naturally. There are a ton of tutorials online for this!

Beauty doesn’t have to fade when you have kids and it’s important that you look as good as you feel. Quick tips for maintaining your look can help boost up your confidence a bit more after you’ve had your wonderful baby. 

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