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When we are younger it can be fun to imagine when if we ever have kids what we would name them.  When the times comes, whilst this is still fun it can also be daunting and exhausting wanting to get it just right, especially if not everyone agrees on preferred choices!

Double Bracket: Mood swings are a completely normal part of pregnancy, however if you have a history of anxiety or depression keep an eye on them and consult your doctor if you feel too overwhelmed.

With all the names out there each parent gets the chore of trying to find the perfect name for your child, and why not when you’ll be yelling that name the rest of their lives. A baby name gives identity to the child being brought in to the world and with all the crazy trends in names, you want to find one that stands out, is unique, nice, but isn’t going to get the child made fun of once they enter school.

In earlier years it was not uncommon to hear children being named after months, precious gems, cars, and even religious names. However, it seems with the passing of centuries names are becoming more and more adventurous. While it’s completely up to the parent as to what they opt to name their new bundle of joy, we always suggest caution. Here are a few tips that might make naming your baby a little bit easier when that magical time comes.

Things to think about:

  • Try not to pick something hard to pronounce. You’ll be hearing your babies name quite often with all the doctors’ and school appointments to come. It can be frustrating repeatedly having to deal with people who can’t pronounce your child’s name correctly. This will be a problem also for your child when they start school and throughout life.
  • Avoid names that could potentially lead to your child being made fun of.  Children are prone to ridicule each other and need no further ammunition in the form of a name they find amusing for whatever reason.
  • Consider carrying on a tradition. Many people choose to name their kids after an important member of the family, or one that was beloved and has since passed away.
  • Find out what the most popular baby names are in your area – whilst they may be lovely names it can be tough if your child is one of many with the same name in class at school .
  • Once you find a name, don’t let someone sway you in to changing it. After all, you are the one having a baby; if you like the name, don’t change it just because someone else may not care for it.

Expecting a baby is an exciting and joyous time with preparations and choosing with baby names. For additional help in selecting the right name you can try going to your local library and looking at baby books with names in them, or even by going online and using your preferred search engine to look up baby names. It may seem confusing and an endless task 

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