Are You Aware How Beneficial Caressing Is for Your Baby?

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A Mother’s Caress is One of the Most Important Means of Communication

Caressing, cuddling, and hugging your baby are without a doubt some of the most wonderful languages that arise naturally between parents and their little angels. Let alone that it’s been proven to have positive effects on the psychological and emotional development of children.

Touch and Cuddling Are the First Language Spoken by a Mother and her Child

For her child, a mother’s touch has an even stronger impact than the softest words. It’s a fact that does not need to be reaffirmed by studies and research but has been experienced by generations of mothers. That is because this physical communication is better than anything else to reassure the child and make them feel safe in their new world once they’ve emerged from their mother’s womb.

This silent conversation between parents and their child helps to calm the baby when they’re stressed, and gives them positive energy when they’re in pain due to colic or sickness. It’s a powerful language able to convey many messages to the child without uttering a word.

Parents’ Caresses Deepen the Bond with Their Child

It’s certain that parents’ caresses and cuddling are not only a means of communication with their child or just an emotional need for all of them, but it also provides a lot of energy that can create deep bonds with the child. This is why it’s so important to recognize its positive impact on the child’s equilibrium and psychological development. There are studies that praise the power of this communication in boosting their psychological, cognitive, and physical health.

Beware of Overdoing It and Picking the Wrong Times

Fathers and mothers should cuddle their children often, whenever they have a real need for it, but they shouldn’t overdo it. It’s always recommended to employ this magical means of communication with children only at the right place and time; otherwise, it transforms into a double-edged sword that spoils them and makes them rowdy. 

How should you cuddle children and when?

There’s more than one way for parents to employ the power of touch with their children, and all of them can send specific messages: children need their mothers to carry them when they’re sick and pat them gently on the back, which comforts them and relieves their pain. They also need to be held with affection and given kisses when they’re stressed or wake up crying at night.

In any case, carrying, kissing, and caressing your baby is one of the most important means of helping them develop in a healthy environment because it expresses affection, love, and care for everything that concerns your little angel.

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