10 Cute Facts about Babies!

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Newborn strength

The grasp of a newborn baby so strong that its whole body can hang in mid-air with its bent fingers supporting its weight!

Babies’ first smiles are reflexes not emotional

A baby’s first social smile – the smile they do on purpose – appears between four and six weeks after birth

No kneecaps!

When is a baby is born it has no kneecaps! Kneecaps do not develop completely until after six months of age

Breathing and swallowing

Up until the age of seven months old babies can breathe and swallow at the same time.

Water babies!

Surprisingly babies are born with natural swimming ability and can hold their breath under water. However this ability quickly disappears so always be safe.

Mamma’s musical taste

According to research conducted by the University of Helsinki, babies recognize the music they hear in the womb for up to four months after the birth. In fact, the song that you used to hear during the pregnancy may even soothe your baby’s crankiness.

Mamma’s voice

Babies prefer women’s voices to men’s and like high-pitched singing more than low-pitched voices. You may have noticed that most of the people use higher tones while talking to a baby. You even get a better response from an infant if you use higher pitched voice.

Babies have big heads

A baby is not born with a proportionate body. The head makes a quarter of the total body length and brain makes up the 10% of the total body weight. The rest of the body grows to catch up.

Babies want to put everything in their mouths

All parents quickly become aware of this fact. Babies want to put everything in their mouth. Your baby may be too young to chew on your car keys or the ears of the family dog, but that does not mean he does not want to. A French research has suggested that babies are born with an innate desire to put everything in their mouth even before teething.

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