Toddler Stories

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It’s important to read and show your toddler stories that will inspire as well as stories that will help them become familiar with learning. If you’re stuck on where to look for these types of books and need a little guidance, we’ve curated a few books you should pick up from your local library. After all, tangible books that can be help in one’s hand are much more fulfilling than digital stories. 

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Where the Wild Things Are

This is a classic book that any child can enjoy of any age; toddlers and kindergarteners especially. Where The Wild Things Are is about an adventurous and rebellious Max who figures out that maybe home isn’t so bad after all. His mom just wanted him to be safe. It’s a book filled with adventure and fun times, but a book that teaches kids that they shouldn’t act out against parents.

The Giving Tree

Yet another classic, The Giving Tree is for more mature kids, but teaches them an important lesson: continuously asking someone for all they’ve got will only leave them with nothing else to give and will leave you disappointed. Instead, loving someone for who they are, rather what they can offer, is what life and friendships are all about. This is great for fourth graders and above.

Pat the Bunny

This book is for babies, which is great. While babies can’t read, this book offers the opportunity to learn textures. Some pages allow you to rub the bunny’s fur, read Judy’s book while she does thanks to pop-up capabilities, a mini mirror to look in and much more. These types of activities are small, but make a huge impact in familiarizing a baby with textures and what they look like.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Intended for children f all ages, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie is a book about sharing. While there are two views to the story, looking at the optimistic version will show your child that sharing with the mouse shows great morals as the giver. While it’s not a book about counting, how you treat others is extremely important and something that should be taught very young.

Goodnight Moon

Another famous story, Goodnight Moon is a quick picture book about saying goodnight. It’s not an elaborate book, but for someone who is learning a bit more about how to read, it’s a great start with intriguing pictures. This is also a great transition book from stories with no words to stories with more and more words that illustrate the pictures.

Stories can hold great teaching values whether physical or just through morals. Between textures and themes for each book, a child can learn the best basics of life through reading. Children who read more also understand more and learn to write rather quickly as opposed to those who don’t read. Children of all ages should be able to pick up a book and feel around at least a few times a week.  

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