The important role of parents in discovering speech delay in children

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Catching Early Signs of Speech Delay

Parenting in the modern world is not easy. Moms and dads are busier than ever with work and travel taking up more and more time. Deciphering whether or not your child has a speech issue may not always be straightforward. Thankfully Baby-Arabia is happy to be of assistance and we have taken some time to help parents to address some of the most vital questions that they may ask themselves when it comes to discovering early signs of speech delay.

At what age do parents tend to notice speech problems?

Most children begin to develop speech around the age of one. Children do start to form the rudiments of speech before this but is generally limited to making noises in preparation for speech. Babbling, cooing, and other noises are ways for children to express themselves before language develops and children use these in ways that mimic speech before they begin to speak properly. Most speech concerns come between the ages of 18-24 months, when parents compare their own child’s speech to the vocabulary of other children of a similar age. However, some concerns arrive later in childhood to do with more complex communication. These are likely related to pronunciation, articulation and reading.

Seeking help with speech development

Normally, parents will go for an appointment with some initial, general concerns without knowing exactly what the precise issue is. They have normally noticed their child seems behind compared to other children of their age. Parents often feel relief when told there is a problem and that help is at hand, or they may happily find out that there is no real problem and feel reassured.  All parents are different, some may spot red flags before others, however if you feel your child is behind with speech it is best to get this checked out by a speech therapist.  It is then up to the therapist to carefully observe the patient and decide a correct course of action.

How important is intervening early with communication challenges?

Intervening early is very important and many children who are treated earlier will develop normal language. Unfortunately, it is common for children with speech issues to have behavioral issues as well. This pattern is the result of frustration children experience if they are not understood. Some children who have speech delays can be delayed in other areas and should be evaluated for any underlying disorder. It is important that therapists provide families with strategies on how to deal with these issues thoroughly and act on early signs of speech delay. Thus again solidifying the need for parents to be vigilant and involved in recognizing problems in their children’s speech as early as possible.

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