Tips for Hair Care during Pregnancy

hair care pregnancy
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Tips for Hair Care during Pregnancy

You should be assured and never worry about any changes to your beauty while pregnant, but rather try to take care of your body to keep your attraction and brilliance. During pregnancy, the occurrence of changes is not limited to your body, but also to your hair, because of hormonal changes. Passing this period peacefully, you will need to take care of yourself on daily basis and follow these pieces of advice.

First: Scalp Massage

Massage your scalp by using warm olive oil, coconut oil, or almond oil three times a week. Oiling your hair boosts your hair growth and nourishment

Second: Shampoo and Hair Conditioner

During pregnancy, choose mild and free from harmful chemicals shampoo. Wash your hair once or twice a week and make sure to expose it to fresh air so as not to become dry or brittle.

Third: Avoid Hair Dye

It is recommended not to dye your hair during pregnancy due to the damage that it may cause, such as allergies or certain infections. Generally, do not apply any chemical treatments to your hair because it may harm your health and your baby’s as well. These tips are not research-proven, but some studies suggest keeping away from these harmful substances during pregnancy.

Fourth: When to Brush Your Hair

Do not brush your hair immediately after shower, but wait until it dries then use wide tooth comb to avoid hair fall.

Fifth: Trim Hair Ends

It is recommended to trim your split ends during pregnancy to keep your hair from embrittlement and help it grow. Do not do this by yourself, but rather go to a hair stylist.

Sixth: Eating Healthy Food

You should eat healthy integrated food during pregnancy, as it would maintain your hair and skin health. Fruit and vegetables are the most important daily nutrients, as well as meat, fish, dairy, and others.

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