4 Key Tips for the Mother After Delivery

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4 Key Tips for the Mother After Delivery

1- Don’t hesitate to consult your doctor about any changes in your body or the body of your baby.
The postpartum period starts from the moment the baby leaves his mother’s womb along with the placenta. It lasts for six weeks, during which, taking care of the mother and her baby is just as important as it was during pregnancy, as they are both exposed to many problems that could occur during this period. These problems include infections, blood clotting, depression, and emotional instability, among others. Therefore, it is important for you to see and consult a doctor whenever you notice any changes in your body or the body of your baby.

2- Always eat healthy food as much as your body needs, don’t consider going on a diet if you don’t want to harm yourself or your baby.
Women who have recently given birth need (2500) calories a day, while they only need (2000) during pregnancy; which means that they need more after giving birth. This could be explained by the fact that lactating requires a lot of energy and absorbed nutrients from her body, which in turn requires more useful nutrition, rich in essential nutrients for the body’s health.

3- Avoid medication without consulting a doctor:
After giving birth, you shouldn’t stop taking the vitamins and food supplements that you used to have during pregnancy. Delivery doesn’t mean that you can take any medications you want, therefore, you should always consult your doctor about every step you take, because your baby takes all the nutrients he needs through your milk, as for medications, they usually also get to your baby through milk as well. Therefore, you should consider the postpartum period similar to pregnancy when it comes to the baby’s sensitivity to medications, a fact that requires you to consult a doctor about any kind or dose of medication.

4- Remember to care for your self.
One of most important pieces of advice after delivery has to do with the psychological side. It is common to be worried about your baby and many mothers neglect themselves through doing this. Put simply, it’s difficult to look after your baby if you are tired and depressed.

To avoid this psychological maze, the father should be very supportive of the mother, by sharing the responsibility of the baby, thus giving her some time to rest, to be able to contain, take care, be tender to, and make her baby feel safe. She, however, shouldn’t neglect her own health and appearance for the sake of the baby. Instead, she should manage her time in a way that allows her to take care of herself just as she takes care of her baby, in addition to being prepared for this burden and expecting it beforehand, to be well prepared to carry out her duties.



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