The Baby Arabia Ultimate Swimming Kit Check List

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This list has been designed especially for you and your parents, so you know exactly what to pack for your swimming lessons.

See you in the pool!

Swim suit – you’d be pretty sorry if you forgot this one!

Swim hat – get all that hair safely out of the way – hats help the nice pool people keep the water clean, too.

Goggles – give you the magical ability to see underwater!

Shampoo and soap – chlorine keeps the water safe but it doesn’t smell all that nice. Bring your favorite shampoo and soap to wash it all away!

Big cuddly towel – after all that hard work, snuggle up and get dry quick!

Comb or brush – so you can sort out your hair and smarten up.

Energy snack – phew! You must be exhausted! Be sure to top up those energy levels with a healthy snack like a banana or a nutty biscuit.

Water – being in water doesn’t mean you don’t need it! And all that exercise will make you super thirsty. Bring along a nice drink of water to top you up!

Your backpack – to carry it all in, of course!

And that’s it! Everything you need to go swimming and come home safe and clean!

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