Slow Down, Please… Baby on Board

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“Slow down Please … Baby on Board” is the yellow warning badge originally designed to announce the presence of a baby in the car, urging nearby drivers—especially the ones in a hurry—to take precautions and slow down.

Occasionally if the sign is too big, to the point of completely filling a driver’s rear windshield, this can instead of increasing safety actually cause accidents, according to traffic experts and statistics on car accidents around the world.

  • The presence of a child in the car naturally increases a father’s state of anxiety about any potential collision, however he should not transform the warning badge into a broad curtain obscuring most of the rear windshield and hiding part of the vital field of vision for safe driving.
  • It has been shown by traffic accidents recorded in the Arab world that a number of drivers prefer not to drive near a car displaying this badge which may force them to drive more slowly and arrive late at their destination and this prompts them to pass it as soon as possible.
  • Driver, remember that it is your duty to stay in the right—or slow—lane when your car is carrying this badge, so as to not to force cars in the fast lane to slow down.
  • Do not forget to completely remove the badge when your baby is not with you.
  • Know that the Baby on Board badge was originally used to alert rescue and emergency teams about the presence of a baby inside the vehicle in the case of a traffic accident.
  • In the worst case scenario, God forbid, the teams will be aware of this badge and will work to save the baby, since the baby cannot exit the car on their own.
  • Finally, know that safe driving is the first line of protection for your baby, in addition to their safe placement in a baby’s seat in the back of the car.

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